Will there be peace now?

What do Marlon’s friends at the reception centre think about the chances of lasting peace in Colombia?

Jesus, 17
“I think that the peace will last. Before I didn’t know anyone who had fought with the other groups, but now I have friends who used to be paramilitary. So anything is possible.”


Leydi, 17
“Peace talks have never worked in the past. Peace isn’t just about an armed group laying down their weapons. You have to solve the problems that caused the war too.”


Ingrid, 15
“I hope there will be peace. Without war, we’ll all have a chance of a better life, not just in our village but in the whole country.”


Luis, 17
“For there to be peace in Colombia, all armed groups need to come to an agreement together. I don’t think everyone who’s been involved in the fighting should avoid punishment. But I hope there will be peace. That’s what we all want.”


Dayana, 17
“The problem is that drug smuggling will continue and people want control over it. That’s why the war won’t end. There will always be people who want cocaine. And as long as people are poor, then poor people will try and demand a better life. For there to be real peace you have to talk about these things too.”


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