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When something is wrong...
...blow the whistle!

It is important that all children can take part in the World’s Children’s Prize program in a safe way. All adults who help children to organize the WCP program must respect the rights of the child. If you, while working with the WCP program see or experience something that you think is wrong, you can tell us about it. You will then become what is called a whistle blower, a brave person who dares to report wrongdoings! We will not reveal your name to anyone.

What should I report?
Below are examples of the kind of behaviour by teachers, principals, visitors from organizations or other adults while working with the WCP program that you can report:
- Corporal punishment, caning, hitting or any other physical abuse of children.
- Sexual harassment, including unwanted physical touching.
- Shaming, humiliating, putting children down, or any other kind of emotional abuse.
- Inappropriate and/or abusive language.
- Disrespecting the dignity and/or privacy of children.
- Any other child rights violations, child abuse or exploitation.

Other examples of wrongdoings
If you see anyone selling the Globe Magazine, or selling anything else that is connected to the World’s Children’s Prize Program for personal financial gain, this is wrong and should be reported. The Globe should always be free for children who participate in the WCP program.

What to do
If you experience or witness adults behaving in a way that you believe is wrong during the WCP program, we encourage you to contact us by phone or online. The safest way is through the whistle blower form. You can also email to childwhistle@worldschildrensprize.org, call or send a text message to the international WCPF office at +46-76-3181286. Your message will be received by a person you can trust.
   If you decide to report something we will need to know, in order to help you:
• Your name and age.
• The name of your school and where it is situated.
• Your contact details, for example your email and/or phone number and/or postal address.
• An explanation, in as much detail as possible, of the wrongdoing that you want to report.

We promise not to reveal your name to anyone unless you yourself give us permission. No one will know that it is you who are the whistle blower! You can, of course, report wrongdoings anonymously, without giving your name. However, this might make it harder for us to help you.

Don’t be afraid to speak up! We promise to take your matter seriously. Please note that the WCP whistle blower function only addresses child rights violations that happen in connection to the WCP program. If you need to report other child rights violations, talk to an adult you can trust and/or contact the police or social services or, if one exists, a local helpline or emergency service.

The personal information we ask for, is used primarily to be able to give you the correct assistance. Learn more about how we handle personal information in the Integrity Policy. Your personal information may also be used for the marketing of the WCP, and for finding new ways of communicating and interacting with you and others who want to support our work for vulnerable children. We never share your personal information with an outside party, except for those we have close cooperation with or are obliged to report to.


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