Children in Africa rallying for education.
Become a Changemaker!

This year is the 20th time that millions of children have taken part in the World’s Children’s Prize Program. You can also join!

You and your friends will learn about children’s rights, that girls and boys have equal rights, and that your country has promised to make sure that your rights are always respected. You will also meet Child Rights Heroes, vote in the Global Vote and have the chance to be a changemaker, just like the heroes themselves! Find out how to do it here!

Start by learning about children’s rights and how well they are respected in your country. Based on your own experiences, you can discuss how things could be improved for children where you live. Learn more here and here

Explore children’s rights around the world. Meet the children of the WCP Jury, who have experienced life as child soldiers, debt slaves and being homeless. Meet the Children's Jury

Girls and boys have equal rights, but girls’ rights are violated more often. Discuss, like the boys in the picture, how you can stand up for girls’ rights. All about Girls' Equal Rights

You can also use The Globe Magazineand the web to learn about the UN’s Global Goals, Climate Change and how its connected to Child Rights.

Before taking part in the Global Vote, you need to learn more about democracy.

Learn about the Child Rights Heroes who are candidates for the World's Children's Prize, and the children they fight for. Find their stories in The Globe magazine and here.

Prepare for Changemaker Day. Ballot boxes, a voting booth and voting registers must be created, and ballot papers cut out. You can write speeches – make posters and signs. Learn more here about preparations for Changemaker day.

Finally, it's time for the big moment, Changemaker Day, which begins with the Global Vote, perhaps following an opening ceremony.

After the Global Vote everyone comes together for My Voice for Rights and Change with speeches and signs ...

You can invite local leaders and journalists to your Changemaker Day. Encourage local media to report more about children’s rights. Let them interview you about what changes you want to see. if you want to hold a children's press conference, learn more here.

Finally, walk, run or dance – to date children around the world hve done so for more than 5 million kilometres – with your signs in the Round the Globe for Rights and Change, which concludes Changemaker Day.

After taking part in the WCP program, all of you can be changemakers and tell your friends, families, neighbours and others where you live about children’s rights. Learn how you can be a part of Changemaker Mission.


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