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What we do

The WCP program is one of the world’s largest annual education initiatives empowering children to become changemakers. They stand up for the equal worth of every individual, the Rights of the Child, democracy and sustainable development. The Program is run by children themselves, led by trained Child Rights ambassadors and supported by teachers and school leaders. Nearly 50 million children have participated since 2000. Sign up now – it’s fast and free.

Become a changemaker

Want to be a changemaker and make the world a better place, step by step? Join the World’s Children’s Prize program (WCP) and get to know Child Rights Ambassadors, Child Rights Heroes and other children all around the world.

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Changemaker Day

Children in schools around the world prepare for Changemaker Day. They then make their voices heard and share what changes they want to see where they live, in their country and in the world.

Changemaker mission

Children who participate in the WCP program are empowered to stand up for their rights and the rights of others, now and in the future. Now you can share ideas and knowledge to everyone around you.

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Child Rights, animals and nature

Discover how all 100,000 children – an entire generation – in a national park area in Zimbabwe and Mozambique are being trained to be changemakers through Peace & Changemaker Generation, standing up against poaching and for child rights, especially girls.

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