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Talking Chips

Talking chips as a method provides a structure for group dialogue, conversations and discussions that helps pupils express themselves and participate on equal terms.


To ensure everyone gets to contribute on equal terms, and enable pupils to work in a democratic way.


Practice first using simple questions and situations so participants learn the method. For example: What do you like about summer? Things you can do with a sheet of A4 paper. What do you think is going to happen next in the book we are reading together?

Do it like this

  1. Divide the participants into groups of four, sitting in a circle so everyone can see one another. Each participant is given a number of markers, such as pieces of paper or stones.
  2. Pick a question to discuss. Explain that when a person wants to speak they must place one of their markers in the center of their circle. No-one may speak apart from the person who has just placed their marker in the center. One can only place a second marker in the center once everyone has spoken.
  3. Continue until everyone has used up all their markers or until time is up.


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