100,000 children – a whole generation– in and around the national parks Gonarezhou in Zimbabwe and Limpopo in Mozambique are being educated and empowered through the Peace & Changemaker Generation project, as changemakers who can take a stand against wildlife crime, and for girls’ rights in their communities. The project is a partnership between the World’s Children’s Prize Foundation and Peace Parks Foundation. Learn more about the project and download materials.

Cycling towards my dream

Amakuelo dreams of working with nature and animal conservation, at an organisation that fights to protect wild animals. She says: "That dream could be a reality thanks to my bicycle.” Find out why Amakuelo needs a bicycle to succeed!

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Afraid to be married off

Blessing’s father used to go poaching so he could pay her school fees. But now the rangers have increased security and he’s had to stop. She says: “It means I can’t go to school anymore, because we don’t have the money. Now I’m afraid that I’ll be married off.”

Mira protects wildlife

Mira is one of three female park rangers in the national park Limpopo in Mozambique, with the dangerous mission of tracking, and catching poachers.

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Watch videos!

Watch videos about children in the Peace Parks in the Peace & Changemaker Generation in Zimbabwe and Mozambique!

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