WCP Child Juror Omar talks in front of students.
Omar, Palestine

Represents children living under occupation and who want dialogue for peace.

Omar goes to school close to a roadblock with armed soldiers. There are often conflicts there, and tear gas leaks into the school. It makes your eyes sting, and Omar gets stressed.

“The thing that helps me the most is listening to music or playing the piano. That makes me happy. I have a keyboard that I’d like to take to school with me, but it’s too dangerous. I’d have to carry it in a big black bag, and people might think it’s a weapon. The Israeli soldiers are suspicious of such things. Mum is afraid that 
I might get shot. I’ve lived under occupation my whole life, and it affects every­thing. The soldiers treat me and other Palestinians as though we don’t belong here. That makes me sad and angry.

Omar from Palestine wants to be a changemaker for children growing up under ockupation.

I feel in my heart that it’s wrong. It’s my country, and I should have the right to move freely. Instead, it feels like we’re living in a prison. It’s easy to lose hope sometimes, but I try to believe in change.”

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