diorama of paper
Make a peep box

Explore the lives of a child, a family, or one of the WCP Child Rights Heroes, and make it come alive in a Peep Box or diorama.


To combine a creative activity with learning about rights issues, and how different people live and work for change.


Participants need materials such as big papers, colors, scissors, glue, magazines to cut from, perhaps old shoe boxes or cardboard.

Do like this

  1. Participants can work in pairs or small groups. Explain that they will pick a topic and a person or family, and build a peep box. Show a couple of examples and explain that they can choose what to do, for example:
    • Build one room or several rooms in a house. Below is a center for children formerly living on the streets in Colombia, and a fishing village where children are explored as slaves, in Ghana. .
    • Build an outdoor area, like a park or a city block.
    • Build two rooms that are opposite sides of reality, such as a difficult situation where a child is exploited, and the situation where the child has been freed and is building a better life. Here, on one side is a park area for vulnerable children, and on the other side the dark streets where some of them have lived and worked.
    • Make little people and put them in the peep box.
    • Use flaps to change the scenery!

  2. Let them build and give support when necessary.
  3. Participants present their peep boxes to the class and explain their ideas and thinking.
  4. End with a joint reflection. How did building the environment in a peep box affect their views on the topic and people they focused on? Let those who want to comment.

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