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What does it mean?

A method that helps pupils improve at understanding text.


Through support from their friends, your pupils are given the opportunity to help each other understand text.


Start by practising on brief texts that your pupils will find fairly easy to understand. Then decide which texts in The Globe or on the website you think your pupils need help with.

Do it like this

  1. Hand out a factual text or perhaps one of the texts explaining why the Child Rights Heroes have been nominated.
  2. The participants work in pairs and take it in turns. One person in the pair reads a sentence or paragraph. The other asks: ‘What does it mean?’ The pupil who read the text then explains it in their own words.
       The partner only offers help if the reader asks for it.
  3. The participants swap roles. They continue in the same way until everything has been read.
  4. Follow Up: Let the participants talk to a new partner about what they’ve learned from the text, or follow up in some other way that you think is effective.


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