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The Global Goals and you

Children’s own accounts of their lives in and around the Peace Parks in southern Africa provide inspiration and facts for an exercise about our future.


Let your pupils discover links between children’s rights, the Global Goals and animal and nature conservation.


Make sure everyone has access to The Globe, the articles about Peace & Changemaker Generation on pages 108–132, the simplified UNCRC on pages 12–13 and the Global Goals on pages 90–91.

Do it like this

  1. Let your pupils work in pairs or groups. They begin by looking at issues relating to one of the Global Goals, based on the situation for children, animals and the natural environment in the Peace Park areas in southern Africa. Feel free to link this to the stories about, for example, Blessing, 15, who is afraid of being married off, or Paulo, who was a poacher at the age of 10 but who now wants to stop.
  2. Pupils go on to examine in the same way how other goals are linked to children, animals and the natural environment, and how the areas covered by these goals affect each other. They can draw a mind map, or cut things out and stick them in to illustrate the connections. They can of course work with digital resources for this too. .
  3. Let your pupils link the articles of the UNCRC to various Global Goals within the framework of children’s lives in the Peace Park areas. Information material can be found here.


Use this table as a basis for the work if you want to.


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