Phulmaya, a girl from Nepal, casts her vote
Run an Election Campaign

Run your own election campaign and find ways of sharing knowledge about the various Child Rights Heroes who are candidates in the Global Vote.


To offer lots of different creative opportunities to get involved in the run up to the children’s own Global Vote. Pupils learn about how to run an election campaign, and about the best way to get messages across verbally and using posters. Everyone can get involved in the preparations and inform and encourage each other in different ways. There are opportunities for cross-curricular work in subjects such as art and languages. Not everyone does everything, but together they will build an election campaign and election preparations as a whole unit.


Download or bookmark inspiring and warning examples from election campaigns.

Do it like this

  1. Explain to the whole class: As part of this work it is important to think about the difference between information and propaganda, and how easy it can be to exaggerate and create false news that deceives and manipulates voters. In adult elections, certain candidates with more money and power have on occasion been able to buy more coverage in the media, or bribe or threaten election workers to cheat.
  2. Hand out, or let the participants choose between various creative tasks, such as:

    - Making election posters.
    Discuss how the design can get the message across clearly. Have a look at some election posters from adult elections – what works better on election posters aimed at children? What is the difference between election information and propaganda?

    - Social media campaigns.
    Create images, films and messages for channels such as Instagram and Facebook. Look at how other election campaigns are run online and discuss the truthfulness of their messages. How can you get people to click without lying or exaggerating?

    - Role play.
    Arrange press conferences and hold election speeches – take a look at the suggestions for scenarios here, or come up with your own.


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