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Recount and listen

To understand a story in-depth, it sometimes takes a little more work!


All participants are given the opportunity to think about and express their ideas about a text, supported by a friend, and they then recount the text verbally in a new group.


Choose texts to use in this activity.

Do it like this

  1. Recount the content of one of the stories in The Globe or on the web in your own words. Explain that the text describes one or more problems that have a solution. Also discuss the fact that some texts may relate something about a country’s history or culture, what the children like, their dreams and interests. The fact that all the stories have a core and a message. Ask the participants to consider what they think is in the text you have just read.
  2. Divide the participants into pairs who can choose, or be assigned, a text from The Globe or online.
  3. The pair first reads the text quietly or out loud to each other. Then they talk to their partner about what the most important points are, and the message of the story.
  4. The participants take turns to practice retelling their text in their own words to their friend.
  5. The pairs split up and form new groups with four in each. They relate their stories to one another.
  6. Gather the whole group together and get everyone to share their conclusions with one another.


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