The Child Jury standing together outside
One child, several rights

A creative collage exercise that highlights the reality behind the articles of the UNCRC through children’s own life experiences.


To discover that it is often several rights that are being violated when a child is vulnerable.


Provide material that your pupils might need to make a collage.

Do it like this

  1. Divide the participants into pairs or small groups who will work with a child’s story. Get them to read or watch first, and then discuss: What Rights have been violated for this child? Which articles in the UN Convention can be linked to ‘their’ child. They should also find out which vulnerable group the child belongs to (e.g. a minority group, refugee children or child workers, etc.). Then they write down all the rights that have been violated for ‘their’ child.
  2. The groups report back to one another by dividing up into new groups and sharing their findings with the other participants.
  3. Conclude the exercise with a moment of reflection together: Were there certain rights that were violated for several, perhaps even all, of the jury children? Do some rights feel particularly important?


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