Asfaw Yemiru.
Inspiration for action

Let the students be inspired by WCP Child Rights Heroes and then harness the enthusiasm generated to enable them to discover how they themselves can make a difference.


To be able to choose an issue to focus on and identify the best way of exerting their influence and make a difference effectively.


Copy action cards.

Do it like this

  1. Choose one of the WCP Child Rights Heroes for inspiration. Here, we use Asfaw Yemiru from Ethiopia as an example. He used many different forms of actions in order to get attention and gather funds for education for poor children. From throwing himself in the way of Emperor Haile Selassie's limousine, to going on a long march and writing thousands of letters. Get the students to consider what issues they want to work on. Of course, you can choose to be inspired by any other Child Rights Heroes. This can then also be tied into a local issue.
  2. Let the students watch the film clip about Asfaw Yemiru (or of another Child Rights Hero). Then read his story out loud, or let students read to each other in pairs or groups, or individually in silence. read it here or download the PDF (right column).
  3. Copy and cut out the action cards. Give each pair/group one set, or make your own “action cards”. They can work in pairs, in groups or individually.
  4. Get the students to rank the actions based on which they believe are the most effective, add their own actions or rewrite/amend the existing ones. Did some of them take inspiration from Asfaw?
  5. Bring the class back together and ask the learners to give examples of the actions they’ve put on top. Did they choose actions that differed a lot from Asfaw’s? In what way and why? Talk through their thought processes and now let them be inspired by eachother .


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