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Climate Action

Study the science behind rising temperatures and why climate change is happening, largely caused by our way of producing and consuming goods and energy. How can we turn things around?


Pupils get to think about their own observations of their local environment, and look for solutions that could combat climate change.

Do it like this

  1. Begin individually: each student has a few minutes to write down their thoughts, at least three points.
  2. Get the students to sit in pairs: each pair discuss and compare their thoughts.
  3. Pair + pair: two pairs share their thoughts with one another. The group jointly selects which three points they want to present to the class.
  4. Each group presents their thoughts and ideas to the whole class.
  5. Finish by discussing what you can do collectively at school to draw attention to Climate Change.

Discussion questions to use:

  • What is climate change? Have you seen any effects of it where you live?
  • Have you noticed any changes in weather patterns where you live? Does it rain less or more now, than in years past?
  • Is it warmer or colder throughout the year? What do older people say, was it different when they grew up?
  • How clean is the air where you live?
  • Is there enough water in lakes and/ or streams/rivers where you live (compared to before)?
  • Have you noticed any negative effects on animals and/or fish that could be traced to pollution?
  • How can you and other people where you live contribute to combatting climate change? What solutions can you see?
  • What is the responsibility of each individual and what is down to municipalities, government and parliament, other countries, companies or the UN? Are there other parties that play a role?


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