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Eight amazing Child Rights Heroes were nominated to the World’s Children’s Prize Decade Child Rights Hero award. These eight campaigners have fought for the rights of vulnerable children over a total of 200 years. Watch video with them here, and test your knowledge in the quiz.

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Murhabazi Namegabe,

Murhabazi fights for child soldiers, girls who’ve been abused and other vulnerable children who have grown up in one of the worst wars in human history.
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Anna Mollel,

Fights for differently-abled Maasai children and other children living in poverty in rural Tanzania.
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James Kofi Annan,

James combats child slavery in the fishing industry on Lake Volta, where he himself was enslaved as a child.
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Malala Yousafzai,

Malala fights for girls’ right to education and a life in freedom, in Pakistan, and around the world.
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Phymean Noun,

Phymean fights for children living on rubbish tips, and those children’s right to an education.
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Manuel Rodrigues,
Guinea Bissau

Manuel fights for blind children and other children with disabilities in Guinea Bissau, and their right to live with dignity.
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Rachel Lloyd,

Rachel Lloyd fights for children, especially girls and trans youth, who are abused in commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC).
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Ashok Dyalchand,

Ashok Dyalchand campaigns against child marriage and fights for girls’ rights in India.

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