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The Global Trip

Divide your class into teams of reporters and have them go on simulated journeys around the world. Their mission: to report on the rights of the child and the heroes that fight for children.

Take on the role of Editor-in-Chief of the Global Friend News Agency. You commission reporters, manage their travel preparations, guide the groups through their tasks and help the students to produce the final material.

The Global trip lets you and your students participate in a journey to the nominees’ countries, as reporters. The assignment should, as far as possible, include all the elements of a real journey. That means everything from passports and visa applications to research and vaccinations!
   From the early preparatory stages, school subjects including languages, maths, social science and geography can be integrated. The travel documents, the simulated journey and the ‘in-country’ tasks make the students’ studies more exciting and authentic.

Fun and exciting learning experience
The aim of a simulated journey is for the students to learn as much as possible about this year's nominees and about the rights of the child, in a fun-filled and lively way. In turn, this will give them and their friends a good basis for participation in the world’s largest democratic vote for children under 18 – the Global Vote.

How much time is required?
How much time and how many lessons it takes to complete the simulated journey varies widely between different schools and teachers. It can take anything from a few lessons to several weeks. Some teachers work methodically for several weeks, from the announcement of the names of the prize candidates until the final date for the Global Vote.


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