Children preparing a festive event in the mountains.
Changemaker Day

As part of the grand finale of your work on this year’s WCP Program, you vote for your rights and heroes, and speak out about the changes you want to see. Changemaker Day is held alongside children and schools worldwide, whenever it suits you and your school best!

The Global Vote

Take on the roles of election officers and observers in your own democratic vote for your rights! Along with children worldwide, you choose the recipient of the World’s Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child.

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Girl speaking to other children

My Voice for Change

Make your voices heard, expressing your desire to see greater respect for children’s rights. Give speeches and share your messages on placards and banners and invite parents, local politicians and the media, so they can learn about what changes you and other children want to see where you live, and in your country.

Round the Globe for Rights and Change

End your Changemaker Day by bringing placards and banners on a 3 km trek in order to reach many more people. Together with children worldwide you'll cover thousands of laps around the globe, for a better village or town, country and world.

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Prepare for Changemaker Day

Find out how you can prepare for the best possible Changemaker Day by writing fiery speeches and creating everything from fun ballot boxes and election booths to colourful placards.


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